How EMESRT Operates

Governance framework

Whilst EMESRT is not a registered entity, it is committed to ensuring that its practices reflect good governance.

EMESRT aims to deliver practical outcomes at an industry level, with a work program that involves delivering specific projects. EMESRTs Advisory Group members, who are senior managers in their respective organisations, make contributions based on their availability, experience and expertise.

Secretariat and financial management support is provided on a fee-for-service basis by a third-party provider. Expert consultant support is sourced as required.


EMESRT membership is open to mining companies and the members provide the direct funding for EMESRT activities through an annual membership fee. The fee is set based on a 24-month rolling activity and project plan, which is reviewed annually.

Significant value is contributed from the in-kind involvement of all stakeholders in the many related project activities. This includes coordinating and connecting work already in progress by other organisations. Indirect funding is accessed via groups such as ACARPs coal industry research, university research, and other technical research and development conducted by other organisations.