This case study, given at the 2019 MDEC (Mining Diesel Emissions Council) Conference by Hannah Demers, Industrial Hygienist, presents an overview of how Barrick’s Hemlo operation addressed a changed compliance requirement for DPM from an OEL of 0.4 mg/m3 (under Ontario requirements) to an OEL of 0.16 mg/m3 under the MSHA requirements. The resource is a set of 5 slides presenting: 

  • Initial results for their diesel engine plant (scoops/LHDs and trucks) in a range of operating states 
  • Response of results to the initial interventions of trialling biofuel and including diesel particulate filters 
  • Personal monitoring results 
  • Results across a range of measures for different items of plant over time 
  • Multiple factors which lead to a reduction in non-conformance with the more stringent standards
    • Maintenance on filters, and
    • Overloading a ventilation split (too many machines in one branch) 
  • Longer term sampling trends, and
  • Next step measures being considered, ventilation upgrades and trial/moves to battery powered equipment…
Barrick DPM Case-Study – Hemlo DPM Management Update


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