An open source Thesis by Kirsten Marie Sarle. Exposure to diesel emissions causes a range of health effects throughout the body, impairing; respiratory, cardiovascular, central nervous, renal, and cognitive systems. Diesel particulate matter (DPM) in Portland, Oregon is prevalent due to the layout of highly trafficked roadways, rail lines, and marine ports exposing a dense population to high levels of exhaust pollution. These high concentrations of ambient diesel emissions disproportionately impact minority and low-income populations. Ground-based monitoring and modeling are two ways to assess ambient DPM. However, there are uncertainties in modeled DPM due to knowledge gaps in emissions inventories as well as lack of model validation against ground-based measurements. We propose a framework for efficient assessment of localized diesel emission sources, and model validation.

A Ground-Based Assessment Framework for Validating Diesel Particulate Emission Models and Applicability in Portland, OR


Last Updated: 25/02/2022 09:41:16am