An open source article by Muhammad Usman Khan. Diesel exhaust is a major cause of large number of occupational diseases. Acute and continuous exposure to DPM can cause numerous health issues including respiratory disease, lung disease, heart disease, etc. The NIOSH and the IARC consider DPM as ‘probable carcinogenic’ and ‘carcinogenic’, respectively. In large underground M/NM mines, DPM regulatory compliance is challenging. This paper primarily focuses on the evolution and application of real-time DPM monitoring in mining. This study discusses different monitors performance, their applications, and prospects of DPM monitoring in mining. This paper also presents an overview of core issues of using diesel equipment in underground mines and summarises existing DPM regulations in US and other countries.

Real-time diesel particulate matter monitoring in underground mines: evolution and applications


Last Updated: 26/02/2022 09:58:28am