An open source article by Jinjie Duan. Diesel equipment used in underground production and transportation will produce a large amount of diesel particulate matter (DPM), which seriously pollutes the fresh air in underground and endangers the life and health of miners. In order to study the diffusion and distribution of DPM, this paper based on CFD numerical simulation technology, carries out numerical simulation of airflow and DPM field in heading face. The results show that from 15 s to 60 s, DPM continuously accumulates in the blind zone of the airflow and on both sides of the monorail locomotive, with the DPM concentration greater than 1.2 × 10−7 kg/m3. At this time, the DPM cloud is 60 m in the horizontal direction, and shows a distribution characteristic of high in the middle and low on both sides. When T = 90 s, part of DPM diffuses to the roadway exit. At this time, in the entire roadway, starting from a section of 23 m away from the heading face, the DPM concentration sharply increases, reaching a peak of 2.91 × 10-7 kg/m3 at 33 m. Then it begins to decline slowly. The research results are of great significance to clean production in mines.

CFD numerical simulation on diffusion and distribution of diesel exhaust particulates in coal mine heading face


Last Updated: 26/02/2022 09:47:43am