Safety alerts and other regulator directions, that require modifications, are not actioned by OEM, including:

  • OEM not reacting to modification to regulations
  • Changes in standards not being considered in ongoing OEM designs
  • Updated components in new offerings not being considered for earlier models

 Credible Failure mode is addressed by:

  • BI-01.52 Skilled and experienced personnel are accountable for selection of mobile equipment
  • BI-02.01 Introduction of equipment to site process
  • BI-02.50 Plant Safety Files – requirement to register and track plant components and certificates
  • BI-02A.01 Fit for purpose equipment selection processes – General
  • BI-02A.30 OEM Designs provide for installation of fire detection and suppression systems
  • BI-02A.31 QA/QC Processes used in Manufacture
  • BI-02A.60 Specification for an OEM Fire protection evaluation for mobile equipment
CFM-DE-30 Third party recommendations (alerts) not reacted to by OEM


Last Updated: 23/01/2023 02:50:53pm