This is the standard industrial hygiene method used to assess Diesel Particulate Matter as Elemental Carbon.

APPLICABILITY: The working range is approximately 6 to 630 g/m3 with an LOD of ~ 2 :g/m3 for a 960-L air sample collected on a 37-mm filter with a 1.5 cm2 punch from the sample filter.

If a lower LOD is desired, a larger sample volume and/or 25-mm filter may be used (e.g., a 1920-L sample on 25-mm filter gives an LOD of 0.4 :g/m3).

The split between organic carbon (OC) and EC may be inaccurate if the sample transmittance is too low.

Method 5040 Elemental Carbon – NIOSH Manual of Analytical Methods, Fourth Edition


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