In vehicle fatigue monitoring and alerting system fails, caused by:

  • False negative or equipment failure

 This Credible Failure mode is addressed by:

  • BI-01D.03 Fit for work processes with specific advice on self-management
  • BI-01S.02 Pre-commencement and periodic medicals for mobile equipment operators
  • BI-01S.50 Introduce technology to support existing fatigue management approaches
  • BI-01S.51 Fatigue status data send
  • BI-01T.50 Fatigue alert alarms
  • BI-02P.01 All safety and operational systems on mobile equipment are maintained
  • NRS BI-02.02 Maintenance requirements cover all safety and operational systems on mobile plant


Last Updated: 04/08/2020 08:58:10pm