The spreadsheet available as an attachment on this document contains a complete listing of all of the identified required operating states (ROS).

It contains:

  • An overview sheet – which gives the name and intent of each identified required operating state
  • Separate sheets for each ROS that includes:
    • A listing of the Credible Failure modes (CFM) which could impact/cause the ROS to be lost
      • Corresponding Business Inputs which address the CFM and prevent them from causing a drift away from meeting safe and productive outcomes

This resource underpins other resources provided by EMESRT and can help to inform:

  1. Self Assessment activities in the subject area
  2. Incident analyses (where the sequence is to identify the ROS that has been compromised, explore the mechanism (CFM) which caused this and then identify system deficiencies in Business Inputs applied)
  3. Statistical analyses – by mapping existing incident/hazard data against identified CFMs


Last Updated: 06/08/2020 11:29:14am