Equipment system status alarms do not operate, caused by:

  • Less than 8 volt supply
  • Alarm system is not fail-to-safe
  • Sensor failure / circuit failure
  • Shorted to ground
  • Software version is incorrect

This Credible Failure mode is addressed by:

  • BI-01T.01 Required emergency checks before vehicle operation – information for operator by vehicle type.
  • BI-02D.01 Fit-for-purpose equipment selection and site use approval processes
  • BI-02P.01 All safety and operational systems on mobile equipment are maintained
  • BI-02S.30 Equipment systems data send
  • BI-02T.30 Component alarm or safety device compromise data send
  • BI-03S.20 Speed and other operating parameter data send
  • BI-04S.20 Proximity detection data send
  • BI-05P.04 Skilled and experienced personnel are accountable for specifying and selecting mobile equipment and mobile equipment components


Last Updated: 04/08/2020 04:17:03pm