Failure to consider loading requirements – can lead to issues such as:

  • Size of vehicle plus load being too large for mine openings
  • Poor equipment selection – not matched to required loads
  • High traffic areas (stockpiles, loading areas, workshops) not adequately considered in designs
  • Clay, carry-back, or other bulk materials properties not adequately considered in equipment selection/design

 This Credible Failure mode is addressed by:

  • BI-00D.01 There is a documented site Traffic Management Plan
  • BI-00S.01 Senior management review, update, and confirm the Traffic Management Plan as being fit-for-purpose by senior management:
  • BI-02D.01 Fit-for-purpose equipment selection and site use approval processes
  • BI-05P.01 Shift to shift communication
  • BI-05P.02 Site change management process apply to changes in equipment, road networks and traffic flows
  • BI-05P.04 Skilled and experienced personnel are accountable for specifying and selecting mobile equipment and mobile equipment components
  • BI-05P.05 Skilled and experienced personnel are accountable for determining the operating parameters for mobile equipment use


Last Updated: 04/08/2020 10:42:51pm